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Anglepoise Type 75

Anglepoise Type 75

I’ve found the information available online for the Type 75 and Type 90 lamps very limited so I will try to document the units I’ve got and help others. The limited information I have found differenciates the Type 75 as having a rear mounted rocker switch and the Type 90 as a rear mounted push switch.

Starting from the top down…

Lamp Shade, bulb holder & switch

The shade is the most obvious difference to the earlier 1227 model with a much smoother shape. It attaches to the upper arm by a new fitting with a cylindrical barrel that limits the up / down pitch of the shade but offers a cleaner appearance than the 1227. The bulb holder is mounted on a bracket inside the shade, attached using the screws coming through from the arm attachment. The final area is the rear of the shade, this is attached with a spring clip and holds the power switch.

Arms & Springs

The arms are virtually identical to the late 1227 versions with the plastic tension bar and bushes. The big difference is the lack of the spacer normally found 2/3rds up the lower arms. The spings like the arms are virtually identical to the previous model.

U Section

A much more rounded shape to the arms as well as the bottom of the U compared to earlier models but with the same distinctive shape overall and mounting positions. The Herbert Terry ID badge is similar to the earlier version but the reverse is a simpler “ANGLEPOISE TRADE MARK” marking.


The base is a smooth domed shape with a similar construction of cast sub-base and coloured cover as the 1227.