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Jet-JTS10 Table Saw Review

Jet-JTS10 Table Saw Review

After spending time searching eBay for a suitable saw I bought a Jet JTS-10, this model is the entry level to Axminsters range at £199 but seems to have a couple of features over and above Axminsters own Hobby models And significantly more than cheaper models from Screwfix or Machine Mart.

At this price level, they seem a fairly standard 10″ or 254mm blade size, a couple quote 250mm but this is probably an equivalent European designation.
The Jet will cut a respectable 80mm @ 90º down to 55mm @ 45º, 20mm more than the basic Axminster model and with a 1500W motor compared to 1100W should have the power to keep up.

This is an area that the Jet differs from many models at similar prices. Most low-end table saws have a hand wheel to adjust the blade height that also acts as a handle to pull or push the mechanism to change the angle with a lever to lock it. The Axminster and Jet have 2 separate hand wheels, one on the front for height and one on the side for angle, this allows a much more accurate and controlled adjustment to be made.

Table Top, Mitre Gauge & Fence
The table top is made from cast aluminium, the version I have is fully painted in a cream colour, the version Axminster stock now has the grooves painted but the top bare aluminium looking almost as if it was painted and then sanded back, this might be done to ensure the top is perfectly flat after production.
The mitre gauge was missing on the model I bought but having read various reviews about how bad it is I wasn’t concerned and knew that UJK made well-reviewed replacements (although they cost nearly as much as the saw did). The problem with this began when I visited Axminster to get one, I looked at them on the shelf and they seemed too big for the slots, assuming it was a trick of the eye I picked one up and took it to the saw on display. Sure enough, it was about 2mm too wide for the slot, looking at the Axminster models both hobby and higher end they all fit fine. It appears that the Jet has a 16.6mm (5/8″) slot widening to 20mm to make the T shape compared to a straight 19mm (3/4″) on the Axminster.
This is going to take some work to resolve as it doesn’t appear that anyone makes a suitable gauge or T-Track to fit so will have to look at making my own.

At first impressions, this seems a capable unit with good and bad features I’ll update this post as I get it cleaned up and decide what to do with it.


It’s cleaned and a new blade fitted, I took over a vacuum bag full of dust out of it, the insides were literally solid with sawdust and thin scraps so it took quite some cleaning. I’ve had a play with it and it’s working well, I’ve made a few test cuts in a variety of materials. The next jobs will be to build it into a table to give a wider cutting range and then to build a cross cut sled for it.