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eMac Cat Bed

eMac Cat Bed

This one was based on an article I saw on Engadget about a cat bed designed by Samuel Cox made from an old eMac and integrated with an Arduino unit allowing it to tweet each time the cat used it.

A quick search on eBay and I found a stack of suitable units for as little as 99p and thanks to travelling with work I was able to arrange a pick up to suit. 20130526-220256
The disassembly proved a little more challenging than expected, having assembled and disassembled PCs in the past I must say that the Mac is far more complicated than and the CRT screen proved particularly challenging as I wanted to remove the case and front from the mountings without damaging them.
20130526-222247 Once the case and front ring were separated it became clear that if I used the metal frame to screw them together it would be at best uncomfortable and at worst dangerous for the cats so the metal was taken out and the case glued back together.
The final task was to stick some soft fur cloth to the inside to make it comfortable and insulated and encourage the cats to use it.