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Anglepoise Paint Stripping & Cleaning

Anglepoise Paint Stripping & Cleaning

I’ve again refered to the excelent guide from Relight Lamps for this one (http://www.relightlamps.com/home/how-to-paint-strip-an-anglepoise-1227-lamp/).

The Dettol seems a very safe and realtively cheap option if slightly inefficient and although working very well on the shade and lower arms didnt work so well on the upper arm or base but with repeated treatment and a little mechanical removal (scrubbing with a scotch pad) the arms cleaned up. For the base I borrowed a small amount of industrial stripper that did the same as the dettol had in 3 days in about 30 seconds. It is apparently safe for aluminium so may be an alternative for next time.

Alongside stripping the paint I wanted to clean the other parts, bolts, spacers, springs etc. I have an ultrasonic cleaner and use a solution called Biox for cleaning other chrome plated parts and so used this for the small Anglepoise items. It worked perfectly and the images below show the difference.

The spring took a bit more cleaning and after the first treatment in the ultrasonic I scrubbed it with the scotch pad, the image below shows half cleaned and have as it came out of the ultrasonic. After scrubbing them I put them springs back in the ultrasonic for a second treatment and repeated the scrubbing. They arent perfect and the inside of the spring is still quite rusty but hopefully with a 3rd treatment and a wire pipe cleaner this should improve.