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Anglepoise Information Sources

Anglepoise Information Sources

I’ve tried to credit sources as I’ve refered to them but in case I missed any here is an overview of the sources I’ve used.

30 Something – http://www.30-something.co.uk
This is a retailer of various new and vintage lights with a huge range of spare parts and tools for repairing and restoring the Anglepoise lamps.

Twelve Twenty Seven – https://twelvetwentyseven.wordpress.com
Harry Langworthy has produced a superb resource with lots of excellent information on the 1227 and the best dating guide I’ve found.

Relight Lamps – http://www.relightlamps.com
These guys have produced a superb resource of step by step restoration guides and videos covering just about everything for a 1227 restoration.

Vintage Anglepoise Lamps – https://sites.google.com/site/vintageanglepoiselamps/home
This is a site with a lot of information on the early 1208 / 1209 models both original Cardine and later Herbert Terry versions.