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Centre Line Marking Jig

Centre Line Marking Jig

I’ve seen a few examples of these on Pinterest but have been unable to find them for sale so resorted to making my own crude version.

I take my hat off to Rob on Lumberjocks who has put me to shame with the quality of his version.

Centre Line Tool

My attempt was somewhat cruder than his but in my defence was knocked up quickly to accomplish a specific job. The main body is a 70mm x 42mm baton offcut trimmed to about 150mm long, the pegs are 10mm dowels drilled 20mm from each end and the pencil is pushed through a 7mm hole.
The accuracy clearly leaves something to be desired as when tested first one way and then turned the other way the lines produced are a couple of milimeters adrift but for what I need it will do the job.

Hopefully with more time and the workshop better equiped a more accurate version will challenge Rob.