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Handrail Clothing Display

Handrail Clothing Display

We needed some clothing rails that could be flat packed for transport and assembled quickly on site for shows and exhibitions. Having used the tubeclamp handrail parts for the trailer top this seemed an ideal solution.
I’ve used the 1″ tubes again, they are strong enough for our purposes without adding unnecessarily to the weight and using a single vertical pole offers the “spinal” support while again keeping the weight down.
The base uses a four way cross to connect the legs to the spine and elbow joints at the end of each leg to raise them off the ground. I used 12″ long tubes for the legs, these seemed to offer enough support without causing a trip hazard. IMG_0773.JPG

The arms are a mix of 12″ and 18″ long tubes with a T piece joint on the ends to connect them to the spine. The 18″ tubes can be placed at the bottom with the 12″ above allowing the lower clothes to be pulled forward for better display.

To finish the tops of the displays I used wall mount brackets and slices of tree trunk we salvaged after the winter storms. These provided an aesthetic finish and gave us a place to keep promo cards.