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Anglepoise Disassembly

Anglepoise Disassembly

I’m not going to write a complete guide as the guys at Relight Lamps have a good resource here (http://www.relightlamps.com/home/take-apart-anglepoise-1227-herbert-terry-lamp/) and even a video showing the complete process.

Here are a few of my notes to add, I tried to photogragh each stage and the parts that came out in the order they came apart, not just for record but to remind me how they should go back together.

Anglepoise 1227 Cream

The nuts and bolts on the arms turned out to be 3/16th inch, this wasnt an issue as they were relatively loose and I had a suitable socket but I’ll need to get a second one to tighten them properly when complete.

Nut Size Spring Removal Hinge Parts

The nut on the bottom of the base has been more difficult to identify, it’s slightly bigger than 1/2″ but not as big as the next socket so I made do with an adjustable and will measure it properly later to source a socket.