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Chinook Display Team PDA

Chinook Display Team PDA

Wednesday 13th May 2015 was the date set for the RAF Chinook display teams Public Display Approval (PDA) an assessment of the teams ability to complete the display programme for the season ahead. Thankfully the team are very open on Twitter and not only announced the date but also kept us informed of the timings so I was able to finish early and drive the few minutes to RAF Odiham to join the 5-6 other fans for an almost personal display. 

Its impressive to see a small aircraft thrown around the sky by a talented pilot but an aircraft the size of the Chinook defies belief.

With the tail open and clear sky visible through the fuselage Iove this image.

 This final shot was taken after they  completed the display and flew across the field above the few spectators waving as they passed.

Thanks guys and best of luck in 2015