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The power of professional tools

The power of professional tools

I’ve been an advocate of the Bosch DIY (Green) power tools for many years, they are capable, have lasted well and are cheap by comparison to the professional offering. I’ve got just about every type of tool they do in the DIY range and I couldnt fault any of them. I’ve had 4 drills over the last 10 years, every 2-3 years they start to wear out so they get bumped down and a new model comes in as my go to drill. For example my original 14v cordless slips on any serious drilling and even struggles with screw driving but is perfectly happy drilling pilot holes for woodworking so just sits in the workshop with a pilot bit ready for use.

When I’ve met sales reps at various outlets the only selling point they’ve offered for the Professional (Blue) version was that you could throw them in the air and they wouldnt break. I’m sure thats a useful feature for some, I however look after my tools and although accidents can happen to anyone the price difference makes it worth the risk.

Recently however I decided to get a cordless angle grinder, these are only available in the professional ranges so it was time to take the plunge. I opted for a Bosch Brushless Drill with charge and 2x batteries, mainly because it was cheaper to by this than the charger and batteries separately. I then bought the angle grinder “bare” without battery.

The drill is far more than simply a tougher version that can be thrown about, as an 18v cordless drill it ploughs through brickwork with the ease of my corded SDS (Bosch Green) and drilling joists for cables was a breeze, not only did it drill the hole better than anything else it also fit between the joists unlike the SDS. Battery life has been good so far with dozens of screws done and only 1 bar of life used. I can now say that I wish I’d made the switch a long time ago and certainly before I bought my last green drill a few months ago.

I’ve hardly used the angle grinder but am certainly happy with what I have done and the ease of cordless it fantastic.