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Anglepoise 1209

Anglepoise 1209

I’ve added another model to my collection, an earlier style this time in the original 4 spring 1209 design

The 1208 & 1209 are virtually identical with the 1208 featuring chrome arms and the 1209 featuring colour co-ordinated arms and came in 3 forms either the standard base, wall mounted or table fixed base with the later 2 suffixed with A & B respectively.


This model is a post war 1209, it has coloured aluminium arms, the shorter base and the screw attachment on the lamp holder.

It has a few issues that will need to be fixed before it can be fully restored and back working, the worst of which is the break on the lower end of the rear arm. This is going to need some machining to manufacture a new part and blend it in so that it doesn’t look out of place. The plan is to machine an insert that will fit into the end of the arm, it will need a square profile to match the arm but I plan a round profile where it inserts into the arm to give a larger space for brazing material to hold them together.

The other area that needs some work is again on the lower bracket, this time at the front its missing a couple of spacers, the plastic inserts are clearly an improvised solution and had clearly been assembled badly restricting the movement of the arms. Some damage is visible where they have rubbed together but hopefully this will smooth out easily and more or less disappear once painted.