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Trailer Restoration 2017

Trailer Restoration 2017

So after 4 years of hard work and little care and attention my trailer finally began to feel the strain, the biggest problem was that the plywood base had begun to rot / de-laminate / generally collapse. Not a difficult job I hear you cry, undo the screws, pop the sides out and lift the base. New sheet of plywood and a couple of coats of wood preservative and bobs your uncle.

So I lifted the trailer to remove the electrics and noticed a rather worrying 2″ wobble side to side on the offside wheel, the bearing had obviously seen better days. With a bit of encouragement and the now infamous “They’re only a couple of quid on eBay” quote I proceeded to take the hub off. The wheel nuts were a bit stiff but to be expected, the dust cap came off without too much trouble and the bent nail that held the castle nut came out with ease.

Then the fun began, half a dozen ball bearings and a couple of pieces of broken brass drop out, then when I finally get to the hub the cases are well and truly stuck in the hub. So look for new bearings but they are minimum £20 for a pair and I’d still have to get the cases out without damage, what about new hubs, they come with bearings and I can get them for £15, bargain! Trouble is the new hubs are 25mm ID and the old arms are 22mm. So it’s new suspension arms, hubs & bearings, well that’s £60 but not the end of the world.

In the end once I’d decided to replace the whole suspension I decided to go out and vent my frustration on the stuck bearing shells, with brute force and no concern for damaging the hub I managed to free them. Happy days, trip to the local trailer merchant for new bearings and job done.

Now just to Hammerite the metalwork and wood preserve the new base. Oh and new end panels, the old ones had started to break up and 2 coats of wood preserve on each side, because, it couldn’t be simple, but other than that jobs a good-un.



Anglepoise 1209

Anglepoise 1209

I’ve added another model to my collection, an earlier style this time in the original 4 spring 1209 design

The 1208 & 1209 are virtually identical with the 1208 featuring chrome arms and the 1209 featuring colour co-ordinated arms and came in 3 forms either the standard base, wall mounted or table fixed base with the later 2 suffixed with A & B respectively.


This model is a post war 1209, it has coloured aluminium arms, the shorter base and the screw attachment on the lamp holder.

It has a few issues that will need to be fixed before it can be fully restored and back working, the worst of which is the break on the lower end of the rear arm. This is going to need some machining to manufacture a new part and blend it in so that it doesn’t look out of place. The plan is to machine an insert that will fit into the end of the arm, it will need a square profile to match the arm but I plan a round profile where it inserts into the arm to give a larger space for brazing material to hold them together.

The other area that needs some work is again on the lower bracket, this time at the front its missing a couple of spacers, the plastic inserts are clearly an improvised solution and had clearly been assembled badly restricting the movement of the arms. Some damage is visible where they have rubbed together but hopefully this will smooth out easily and more or less disappear once painted.


Anglepoise Paint Stripping & Cleaning

Anglepoise Paint Stripping & Cleaning

I’ve again refered to the excelent guide from Relight Lamps for this one (

The Dettol seems a very safe and realtively cheap option if slightly inefficient and although working very well on the shade and lower arms didnt work so well on the upper arm or base but with repeated treatment and a little mechanical removal (scrubbing with a scotch pad) the arms cleaned up. For the base I borrowed a small amount of industrial stripper that did the same as the dettol had in 3 days in about 30 seconds. It is apparently safe for aluminium so may be an alternative for next time.

Alongside stripping the paint I wanted to clean the other parts, bolts, spacers, springs etc. I have an ultrasonic cleaner and use a solution called Biox for cleaning other chrome plated parts and so used this for the small Anglepoise items. It worked perfectly and the images below show the difference.

The spring took a bit more cleaning and after the first treatment in the ultrasonic I scrubbed it with the scotch pad, the image below shows half cleaned and have as it came out of the ultrasonic. After scrubbing them I put them springs back in the ultrasonic for a second treatment and repeated the scrubbing. They arent perfect and the inside of the spring is still quite rusty but hopefully with a 3rd treatment and a wire pipe cleaner this should improve.

Anglepoise Disassembly

Anglepoise Disassembly

I’m not going to write a complete guide as the guys at Relight Lamps have a good resource here ( and even a video showing the complete process.

Here are a few of my notes to add, I tried to photogragh each stage and the parts that came out in the order they came apart, not just for record but to remind me how they should go back together.

Anglepoise 1227 Cream

The nuts and bolts on the arms turned out to be 3/16th inch, this wasnt an issue as they were relatively loose and I had a suitable socket but I’ll need to get a second one to tighten them properly when complete.

Nut Size Spring Removal Hinge Parts

The nut on the bottom of the base has been more difficult to identify, it’s slightly bigger than 1/2″ but not as big as the next socket so I made do with an adjustable and will measure it properly later to source a socket.