About me

About me

Electronics & Computing

This is the area I’ve spent the most time over the years so will probably take more of a backseat initially while I work on other areas and improve / establish the workshop but I have several project ideas to work on in the future.

Woodworking & Metalworking

This is the area I have the least experience, certainly beyond the very basics of school Design & Technology classes but is an area that I’m keen to expand and explore. Its also the area that has the most urgency, if I want to undertake some of the projects I have in mind I’ll need a workbench, I need cupboards and shelving to store equipment and parts so these will all need to be built and before that I need to build the tools & jigs to do it so will initially be the area of most activity.


Again this has been a long standing interest that receives far too little time but hopefully I can spend a small amount of time on it and complete a few of the challenges set. I’d like to combine the photography with some of the other activities and have ideas for camera dollys, gimbals and mounts plus ideas for studio shots & video sequences.