G/SC-011 – Hardown Hill, Dorset

G/SC-011 – Hardown Hill, Dorset

The most important thing I can say about this is, follow the advice from G0POT http://peanutpower.co.uk/gsc011. I parked where he recommended but took the wrong path and ended up fighting my way through what felt like a jungle.

Upon reaching the summit I settled on using the mobile phone mast compound as a base location. I was able to attach my telescopic pole to the concrete fence post making an easy antenna erection of the 80-10m End Fed Half Wave antenna.

Once setup and on air I realised it was a contest weekend so the bands were packed and many times I’d check if a frequency was clear and call CQ, then try to add a spot on SOTAwatch but by the time I did someone else was calling on the frequency. I also suffered what seemed like intentional QRM with a constant tone after each CQ call. This happened on a couple of frequencies so I don’t think it was just normal noise. It was most likely someone tuning up so maybe they couldn’t hear me but it happened again after I QSY’d

Ordnance Survey 1:25,000 via ViewRanger app

The position marked with a P in the top left of the map is where I parked and walked from, however having visited again later the P to the right and marked route appear much easier for both parking and access.

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