DIY Table Saw and Router Table & Scroll (Jig) Saw Table

DIY Table Saw and Router Table & Scroll (Jig) Saw Table

This has become a bit of an epic task, it started out as an idea to build a table saw using a normal circular saw mounted under a wood top, nice, simple, quick to build and most of all cheap. Then I saw videos of router tables, well that looks useful, and how hard can it be to mount my existing plunge router under a table. Why not use the same table as the saw, that will keep the size down and I can make a better table for them. Wouldn’t a scroll saw be useful, maybe if I mounted the jigsaw under the table with the blade coming up I could achieve a similar effect. Well that was where it all began!

I love the bargain corner in IKEA, so far it’s provided some draws for a future pillar drill storage unit, the worktops that adorn the workshop (and now also the utility room) and most recently a new desk for our office, although the piece we got was about twice the size we needed so the offcut has become the top for this project.

UPDATE: Having built the circular saw table saw and tried it on a few jobs it worked great, it wasn’t perfect, it didn’t have the greatest power or depth of cut but it worked. That was right up until a piece I was cutting caught on the back teeth and fired out of the saw with considerable speed straight into my stomach, now thankfully I’m well padded and it didn’t cause a serious injury but the 2″ square bruise was rather painful. I concluded that for all the simplicity of the homemade solution its lack of safety features were not something I was willing to for-go any longer and I began looking for a purpose made replacement. See the Jet Table Saw post for more details on that.

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