Zero Clearance Base

Zero Clearance Base

This was a relatively simple upgrade for the circular saw to reduce the breakout when cutting a laminated worktop.

First job was to measure and cut the piece of 9mm plywood slightly smaller than the base so that it wouldn’t interfere with the saws included fence or if I used a straight edge.

Then I drilled and tapped M4 holes in the corners of the saw base, these will also be used  to mount it in the table saw project. I went with M4 as although smaller than I would like they are the same size as the screws holding the base on my router, this means when I do build the Router / Table / Saw the screws will be interchangeable between attachments.

For the table saw project I’ll use countersunk screws but as I don’t have any yet I drilled 12mm recesses with a Forstner bit and then drilled the clearance holes for normal M4 bolts. In the end these were a little closer to the edge of the plywood than I had intended but they were in the best places on the saw base to avoid the workings but remain on the flat of the base.

Zero Clearance Base

The final task was to plunge the blade through the plywood to create a slot that perfectly matched the blade dimensions hopefully preventing splintering and breakout when cutting laminate.

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