Bosch POF1200 Router – Base Adjustment Conversion

Bosch POF1200 Router – Base Adjustment Conversion

When I began building a router table I looked at the various options & recommendations for router and the number 1 choice seemed to be the Trend T11 with the ability to adjust its height from the base.

I went to look at them in Axminster tools and decided that the mechanism was nothing more than a long bolt. This inspired me to modify my existing Bosch router to allow height adjust from the base.

The normal depth stop is a 6mm rod so the mount for this made the basis for the new adjustment. I needed to get a straight line through the depth stop to the base below, my centre punch was too wide but a suitable diameter Phillips screwdriver worked well enough to make a mark. It proved impossible to get a drill into this position on the top side without removing the base so I used a 3mm bit in the cordless drill to give me a pilot hole then turn it over and use a 6mm bit in the pillar drill from the underside to make the hole. Sadly due to the shape of the base this wasn’t as easy as it sounded and I ended up having to elongate the hole to line up with the depth stop.

Then it was simply a case of putting a 6mm bolt through the holes and attaching a washer and nut to the end, this was more a proof of concept than a final design but by tightening the nut I was able to raise and lower the router. I will get a long flat headed bolt that can be inserted from the base end and will make a suitably shaped piece with a threaded hole to fit above the depth stop that won’t be able to rotate. For this I used an off cut of aluminium bar about 20mm long then drilled and tapped a hole for the bolt. It’s not the prettiest solution but it does the job.

The final task was to remove the spring loaded locking bolt that is operated by the left hand during normal handheld plunge routing, this was a simple case of unscrewing the retaining screw on the thumb lever and removing the locking bolt and Spring. I’ll probably put a blanking plug in the hole to prevent dust entry when the bolt is removed.

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  1. James,
    I have the same router (POF 1200) and saw your conversion, I bought a 140mm M6 hex headed bolt and it works a treat, I use a M6 wing nut which does the same as you piece of tapped aluminium. Thanks so much as your idea made making a lift easy.

  2. Thanks for the tutorial. After reading this I decided to have a go myself with much success!
    I did a couple of things differently which others may wish to consider.

    I didn’t disassemble to rotating depth stop. Instead I used an extra long 6mm drill bit (available cheaply, mine were from amazon). I put the router under the pillar drill and passed the drill bit through the threaded hole for the depth stop, all with the drill off. I then drill through the rotating depth stop, the router base and table insert in one go, no pilot hole needed as everything cut nicely. It was very close with the drill to contacting the top of the router but just about reached in my case. After that I took the insert plate off and counter bored the new hole with a forstner bit, centering by eye.

    Anyway thanks again, and for anyone reading give it a go. It’s not particularly difficult!

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