Trailer project plan

Trailer project plan

Following on from buying the trailer I had to begin the task of upgrading and modifying it to make it both more suitable for the jobs we had planned but also to make it easier to quickly hitch and go. My main issues with the current design were,

  • No Lights – this meant a light board, not a problem in itself but the lack of attachment points combined to mean a questionable chain of cable ties and having to remove and reattach whenever the tailgate is used.
  • No Jockey Wheel or rear supports – again no great problem for a small trailer but when loading while not attached to the car it did tip sharply if something was placed onto the back before being slid further in. For the minimal cost these were an obvious addition.20130528-225001 20130528-224921
  • No high top cover / cage – from a storage point of view a high top more than doubles the volume of the trailer and from a security view mesh sides at least act as a deterrent to thieves.

I’ll probably write something about the lights and the high top but I think the jockey wheel is self explanatory.

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