Buying a trailer

Buying a trailer

I organised an event, it would be great, lots of people coming, the sun would shine but my most pressing issue was the large amount of equipment required and my lack of transportation for it. I have a big car but when loaded it filled every inch plus some, so the search began for a trailer.

I never knew that the world of trailers could be so extensive, we considered buying new or second hand (in a couple of cases second generation!), we looked at every possible length, width, height and weight but mainly looked at price.

Eventually we found a reasonable sized trailer at a great price, it was old and battered but the seller assured me it was road worthy apart from a slow puncture but it came with a spare.


It wasn’t local but the price was good enough to justify the drive, we arrived and looked round the trailer, the wheel with a slow puncture was a 1inch rip, the spare was flat with a not so slow leak but with regular stops we could get away with it. We hitched it to the car, checked that the fitted lights were as faulty as they looked and attached our light board. All was well until we attempted to drive away, as we went over a curb at the entrance the axle parted company with the trailer. We briefly debated the options for a temporary fix but in the end had to abandon that plan.20130526-195209
Having driven some distance we decided that the best plan was a break for lunch and rethink. Thanks to the wonders of technology we were able to scour eBay for alternatives and found another trailer ending imminently close by. This was perfect we could bid on it over our dessert and collect on our way home.


So with a winning bid we headed off to collect and hope for better luck with this one.


20130526-212132All good, loaded and even did a deal on an old barrel the guy had!

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